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Custom K22FN256LH12 Bootloader

Question asked by burgeh on Jun 18, 2018
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I am currently using KDS v3.2 with Processor Expert. I have a K22FN256LH12 microcontroller that I would like to be able to put a bootloader on and update the application code through USB. I have completed this task similiar on the K22- FRDM Board.



1. Am I supposed to use the KBOOT tower_bootloader or could I use the freedom_bootloader and do I need to change anything?

2. My USB pins are connected to the K22 as shown below. Is there any setup I need to do for my microcontroller to make use of that USB port for bootloading? Do I need a processor expert component to make use of this USB (such as USB-HID)?

3. I'm not sure as to why I am getting these errors when I try to setup my application for bootloading. Is there a wrong assumption I have? The first image below this is the default and the second is my calculated.

Thanks! Tagging Kerry since you seem to have a lot of experience with this and have been very helpful!

Kerry Zhou