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MCUBOOT v.2 on FRDM-KV31 board with UART1/UART2/LPUART0

Question asked by Alberto Beghetto on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Jing Pan


i'm developing resident flash bootloader application to implement it in all our next projects. For now, only board side, host side will be kinetis flash tool (KFT) using usbtouart FT232 converter.

Starting from NXP_Kinetis_Bootloader_2_0_0 downloaded from MCU Bootloader|NXP , i import to KDS targets/MKV31F51212/kds/freedom_bootloader project.

If i program board with no change of this exmple, i can successfully connetct to it with KFT via usb connection already gived by board, so without using my usbtouart converter. I want to use external converter because our boards will not have usb to uart interface.

So, lets try to user my usbtouart external converter, first i change pin configuration in /MKV31F51212/peripherial_pinmux.h, changin defines of UART0_XX_ to use pin B0 and B1 for UART0.

Program board with this and try to connect with KFT, works !

Now, i have to know, which uarts works with bootloader functionality. Les't try with uart1. In /MKV31F51212/peripherial_pinmux.h ,


2.create new group of UART1_XX_ configuration for E1 (rx) E0 (tx) pins for UART1

Now, connect usbtouart converter to E1 E0 pins, program board, try to connect with KFT, fail  

I also try to do same process to use UART2 on E17(rx) E16(tx) pins and still NOT works.


What am i doing wrong ?


An other question, in this project i search to lpuart0 interface but i do not find it. Is LPUART0 supported by MCUBOOT 2?