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RT1050-EVK Boot from SD Card to ITCM

Question asked by Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Jay Heng



I have been trying to make my RT1050-EVK (REV A) boot from SD card, by following the instructions in AN12107.pdf. All the steps up to and including the MfgTool flashing process complete successfully, however when I re-configure the board for execution (SW7: 1010, J1:5-6, USB:J28), nothing appears on the terminal.


I have adjusted the MIMXRT1052xxxxx_ram.icf IAR linker file as per the instructions (m_interrupts_start @ 0x00002000, m_text_start @ 0x00002400). The SD card used in J20 is a brand-new 16 GB SanDisk Ultra HC I; when I manually zero the card device, and then flash it with MfgTool and examine it, I am able to see some data on it, starting at 0x400 as expected.


When I follow the steps for XIP'ing form Hyperflash, or even from QSPI as per AN12108.pdf (on a different board with Hyperflash removed), everything works perfectly. I am using version 1.1 of the Flashloader tools.


Could you please advise on how to resolve the issue?


Thanks in advance,