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Discussion created by Johnny Chen Employee on Mar 21, 2018

Q1: Where can I find compiler and compiler option info for specific MCAL package?

A1: After downloading MCAL package, you can find such info in ReleaseNote.pdf. Search "Compiler Options".


Q2: Can I use different compiler version or compiler options for specific MCAL package?

A2: All MCAL package has been validated with specific compiler version and options. Thousand test cases you can refer to "Quality package" inside the release package. Please note that newer compiler version is not allowed as well. Exactly same compiler version and options are required. If any modification required to compiler version or options, customer need to apply CCT(Customized Compiler Test) service to re-perform the test. You may need to take care of the Lead time whether impact your project schedule.  


Q3: Where can I download MCAL package?

A3: Please access link below. 





Q4:How to get latest MCAL HF version from your NXP website account if you have already registered and applied MCAL SW package. 

Notice for HF version:

- This HF contains a set of fixes for the driver.

- Hot Fix Releases are not fully qualified and are not intended for production, they must be replaced by the next qualified standard release.The intention of a Hot Fix Release is immediate fix of a critical and blocking issue at the customer.

- Note: newer hotfixes for the same module are cumulative.

- To note that this hotfix release was not fully tested as the delivery was needed before the relevant test cases could be created. A full validation will be performed as part of the next planned release.

- For additional information, please refer to the Release Notes of the release on which the current HotFix is based on.