Luis Hernandez Salvador

Why Kinetis are out of stock in all suppliers ?

Discussion created by Luis Hernandez Salvador on Dec 27, 2017
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What is happening with the Kinetis MK66 and MK64 microcontrollers, Why is there no stock in any supplier??

Until recently they could at least be obtained in Mouser, and sometimes in Farnell. But right now they are out of stock in ALL providers, they do not even have them in Mouser.


Does this mean that the Kinetis are going to stop being manufactured?  For me it is important because I have many designs with Kinetis MK64 and MK66, and I also have new developments designed with these microcontrollers. But if NXP is going to stop making the Kinetis, I need to know to start migrating my designs to other ARM micros (probably Atmel SAM) and not start new designs with Kinetis.


I find it very strange how difficult it is to obtain these microcontrollers, and that they are not even available in Mouser.

I would appreciate an official response from an official representative of NXP, I believe that engineers and developers deserve a clear answer in this regard.