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Numerous problems in LPC82x SVD file

Discussion created by Hanno Braun on Dec 7, 2017
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I've been working on LPC82x register mappings for the Rust programming language using this SVD file (as of this writing, this links to version 0.4 of the file). I assume this is the right place to report issues with this file. If not, I'd appreciate some direction.


The SVD file has numerous problems that I had to fix in my project. I hope those fixes can be applied to the original file, to benefit others who are using it. For each problem, I've added a short description, as well a link to a patch that fixes the issue. I'm not suggesting that my patches are always the best solution, but at the very least they demonstrate clearly where the problem is located.


1. Duplicate Names (patch)

Various enumerated values have identical names, leading to build errors in the generated code.


2. GPIO "B" registers have wrong size (patch)

The size of these registers is specified as "1" (meaning the registers are 1 bit wide, according to the SVD spec). According to the user manual, the registers are 8 bit wide, with 7 of them being reserved.


3. Names are generally weird

This is not a serious problem, but I'm mentioning it for the sake of completeness. The names in the SVD file seem to be generated from human-readable documentation, which makes a lot of them read like cut-off sentences. One special case of this, for which I've created a patch on my side, are names that contain multiple underscores in a row, as that leads to warnings in my generated code.


4. Bits missing in PRESETCTRL register (patch)

According the the user manual, PRESETCTRL contains bits for the ADC (ADC_RST_N) and the DMA (DMA_RST_N). Those are missing from the SVD file.


5. Wrong resolution for MRT timers (patch)

The MRT timer value has a resolution of 30 bits (according to the user manual), but the SVD file specifies them as 24 bits wide.


6. SEL_EXTCLK bit is missing (patch)

The SEL_EXTCLK bit is missing from the WKT's CTRL register.


7. Missing IOCONCLKDIV registers (patch)

Only IOCONCLKDIV6 is where it's supposed to be. The registers IOCONCLKDIV5 to IOCONCLKDIV0 are missing.



This is everything I've encountered so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if I were just scratching the surface. I'll report any further problems as I find them.


Thank you,

Hanno Braun