Question about LPC SPIFI library enable quad SPI mode

Discussion created by rawsewage on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by rawsewage

I was previously using lpclibspifi version 1.03 and I found the more recent version 1.14 bundled with MCUXpresso.


I have been looking through the differences and had a question about the function spifiDeviceDataSetOptsQuadModeBit9 which enables quad SPI mode.


The previous version of the function simply set the "quad enable" bit in the status registers, very straightforward.  However the new version of the function performs additional operations and I'm not sure what it's trying to accomplish.  See lines 760-785 of this image for the code in question.  I also attached the code to this post if that's easier.


I'd like to understand the new behavior to see if it's something I should incorporate, or if I should avoid the changes in an effort to reduce risk.  Thanks for any insight.