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How to update Automotive Motor Control library for Kinetis KV3x to work with GCC ?

Question asked by Maciek on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Maciek

after Daniel's (dumitru-daniel.popa) hotfix for MBD Toolbox for KV3x with GCC: 

I'm able to build the examples that are using only peripheral blocks from KV3x. I'm building on R2016b with GCC from S32K MBD Toolbox v3.0.0.
But I'm getting errors for models that are using Math and Motor Control Library blocks!
Below the hotfix was said:
"#3: If you need to use the Automotive Motor Control library you need to get the latest version that support Kinetis families with GCC."
I assume this is my problem.

How to get/update this library to be able to compile models correctly ?