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Question asked by Jon Hallam on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by john baczewski

I'm trying to understand what the maximum rate is that the IMX6ULL can receive data over the SPI port, and need some clarification on how to interpret the timing parameters.


In section 4.12.2 of the 6ULL Datasheet, Table 47 "ECSPI Master Mode Timing Parameters" has an SCLK cycle period of 43ns for a read, and 15ns for a write.


In Table 48 "ECSPI Slave Mode Timing Parameters" has an SCLK cycle period of 15ns for a read, and 43ns for a write.


15ns allows a ~66MHz max SCLK. 43ns allows a ~23MHz max SCLK. My application requires 26Mbps read into the 6ULL, so I need to confirm what the 6ULL is capable of. 


The relative direction of "read" and "write" is what's causing the confusion. In Table 48 (slave mode), do I interpret "read" as relative to the 6ULL, meaning 66MHz max clock when reading data into the device? Or is it relative to the master device, therefore SCLK is 23MHz when reading into the 6UL?


Also, how do these timings relate to the "52Mbps" specified in Table2?