Q&A: What is i.Mx6 ECSPI max frequency?

Document created by Yixing Kong Employee on Aug 22, 2013
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What is i.Mx6 ECSPI max frequency?




But in the RM we clearly state 60 MHz is the default config while Boot from SPI.


I cannot measure it because I have no board where I can boot from SPI Nor.


Also if I look at clocking, PLL  is 480MHz divided by 8 is fixed thus we get 60 MHz. Next divider can be either 1, thus ECSPI_CLK_ROOT  = 60MHz or 2, thus ECSPI_CLK_ROOT = 30 MHz.


From i.MX6 Datasheet (IMX6DQCEC, Rev. 2.3, 07/2013),

Table 52 (ECSPI Master Mode Timing Parameters) :

ECSPIx_SCLK Cycle Time–Read

• Slow group                                        55 ns

• Fast group                                        40 ns        

ECSPIx_SCLK Cycle Time–Write          15 ns


So, only for writing we can get ~60 MHz.

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