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Help! Need the correct openocd configuration for KEAZ128.

Question asked by Miller Lowe on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Miller Lowe

Hi Folks,


I posted this in a boot-loader group yesterday by mistake and only 11 people saw it.  I apologize those 11 who are probably now seeing it twice.  But my problem still exists.


We're using a KEAZ128 processor on a new project and I am currently trying to bring tool up with gdb on openocd using a CMSIS_DAP SWD adapter.  We use these tools for several other K and LPC series targets.


The info page says:


  • GDB debugger with support for the following debug interface hardware:
    • SEGGER J-Link (w/SEGGER GDB Server, Windows, Linux, Mac)
    • P&E Multilink (w/P&E GDB Server, Windows, Linux)
    • CMSIS-DAP (w/OpenOCD GDB and OpenSDA embedded circuit,Windows, Linux)
    • Command Line (CL) debugging with GDB and OpenOCD TCL


But I can't get a working configuration.  Does anyone know the target config file to use or have a working custom one?


Using the klx.cfg file I was able to initially connect to the processor and examine all the registers and memory but when I tried to flash with GDB it errord immediately and now the processor is acting like it's security bits are set.


#openocd #keaz128 #arm-none-eabi-gdb