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Touch input and focus issue in android kitkat

Question asked by archana harish on Sep 20, 2017

Hi ,

We are porting android kitkat to SAMA5D3 development board which is of size 480*272  (pixel), only partial touch input is happening like drop down and Setting page when I keep giving inputs randomly and nothing else. But touch works well with  Evaluation Kit which is of size 800*600 (pixel length).


The cause of touch issue is, it is taking requested height as 19 instead of 480 in WindowManagerService. Please refer the below log.


I/WindowManagerService( 1418): relayoutWindow  win.mRequestedWidth272
I/WindowManagerService( 1418): relayoutWindow  win.mRequestedHeight19
I/WindowManagerService( 1418): AOSP:::updateFocusedWindowLocked
I/WindowManagerService( 1418): AOSP:::computeFocusedWindowLocked

Any help will be appreciated.

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