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Tips to run EEE Driver with freeRTOS in MPC5746C

Discussion created by Hang Xie on Sep 19, 2017
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We had port freeRTOS v8.2.3 to MPC5746C, but when I porting the EEPROM emulation driver, I found that need to disable the D-Cache (define the macro "DCACHE_AVAILABLE" ) when exec "FSL_WriteEeprom" and "FSL_MainFunction", If not define the DCACHE_AVAILABLE macro, the swapping will failure, But after I disable the D-Cache, the freeRTOS may run unsteadiness or trig Machine Check Exception.

(Similar to this post Disable Dcache of 5744 will make CCP unsteadiness )


Finally, I  set the EEPROM area (0xF90000 ~ 0x00F9FFFF) "cache inhibit" in the SMPU, and undefine the macro "DCACHE_AVAILABLE", then both the EEE Driver and freeRTOS work fine.