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adv7180 driver for imx6q

Question asked by 舒 伟 on Sep 11, 2017

Hello everyone :

   We are debuging ADV7180 on our board with iMX6Q and I use the kernel linux3.0.5. Now I have some problems :

1.  Can't get right frame;

2. /mxc_v4l2_tvin.out -iw 720 -ih 480 -ow 720 -oh 480


TV decoder chip is adv7180_decoder                                           
VIDIOC_G_FMT failed                                                          
driver=mxc_vout, card=DISP3 FG, bus=, version=0x00000000, capabilities=0x0402
fmt RGB565: fourcc = 0x50424752                                              
fmt BGR24: fourcc = 0x33524742                                               
fmt RGB24: fourcc = 0x33424752                                               
fmt RGB32: fourcc = 0x34424752                                               
fmt BGR32: fourcc = 0x34524742                                               
fmt NV12: fourcc = 0x3231564e                                                
fmt UYVY: fourcc = 0x59565955                                                
fmt YUYV: fourcc = 0x56595559                                                
fmt YUV422 planar: fourcc = 0x50323234                                       
fmt YUV444: fourcc = 0x34343459                                              
fmt YUV420: fourcc = 0x32315559                                              
fmt YVU420: fourcc = 0x32315659                                              
fmt TILED NV12P: fourcc = 0x50564e54                                         
fmt TILED NV12F: fourcc = 0x46564e54                                         
fmt YUV444 planar: fourcc = 0x50343434                                       
start time = 43 s, 122205 us  


    Now, I can't find why it does't work. Anyone help me. Thank you.

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