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TJA1145T CAN communication issue due to Split Termination

Question asked by Anuj Singhvi on Aug 18, 2017
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I have a question regarding split termination for TJA1145T.

In my design, I've provided split termination as attached image and it is not working.CAN 1 schematic using TJA1145T

CAN communication is only happening if C380 is shorted.  I mean R367 and R368 terminated to GND.

I checked everything but couldn't get any reason why normal split termination topology is not working which is quite standard.  

What will be exactly happening inside TJA1145 if I'll terminate CAN_H and CAN_L using 60R to GND?


Please let me know if any register setting has to be checked as looks like it is more of that issue but not sure.


Please help me for that.