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LPC54608 and code in External RAM

Question asked by Giovanni Grondona on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by jeremyzhou


I tried to allocate a simple routine written in C in the external memory RAM. The map File is corret and the address of routine is in esternal RAM (0xa0000000). The esternal RAM work in a correct way, I used the example in SDK to initialize external RAM component, Inside external memory at the adress 0xa0000000 I found the expected code.

The problem is when my main  call the routine placed in RAM  I get an exception (hard fault) for IACCViol.

In Im1 you can see the dissasembly code before calling the C routine ( MYFuncRAM4). In the memory window you can see the address of C routine placed in RAM (0xA0000000). In Im2 you can see in the memory window the RAM memory at address 0xA0000000 the C routine ( MYFuncRAM4). 

After a single step (F5 from MCUXpresso) I get the error you can see in Im3.

Any help?
Thank you

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