Motor Control Class: Lecture 2 - Application Partitioning

Discussion created by dumitru-daniel.popa Employee on May 21, 2017

In this second lecture of the motor control course we discuss about software and hardware main components that we are going to implement and use. Starting from a comparison between DC vs. BLDC motor construction we discuss step-by-step all the key elements needed for a closed loop speed control system.


Main topics:

    - DC vs BLDC motors;

    - BLDC motor - how is made;

    - BLDC motor - how it works;

    - Position sensors - how it works;

    - Block diagram for a speed control system;

    - Mapping application over the MPC5744P and MotorGD hardware components;

    - Final setup we will use for implementing the control algorithms;



    - Understand how the BLDC commutation works;

    - Understand the key elements needed for a closed loop speed control;

    - Map an algorithm over the MPC5744P microprocessor;

    - Become familiar with the final HW setup;


Watch the video and leave your comments and questions below. 




Additional information:

    - pdf attached with slides shown in this video;


NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link.