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Probelm with MCUExpresso not being able to terminate running target.

Question asked by Steven Johnson on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Bonny Kurui

I have a LPCXpresso824-MAX board and i am just starting to play with MCU Expresso with this board. 

Often the IDE gets in a state where i try and re-download an app and debug, and the IDE complains "There is already a running debug session for the launch configuration '...'."


The target is running, usually because i remove the last breakpoint and say "Resume", and you can see its running, for example blinky will be blinking its LED,  but there is no way to terminate. The terminate Button is greyed out.  Even the "Terminate, Build and Debug '...'" command fails with the same error.


The only way I have found out of this is the shutdown MCUExpresso and restart it, which doesn't feel very robust.  I am just playing now, but if i was developing serious code this would be a very annoying scenario.  So am i doing something wrong?  Is there a hidden way to terminate a running app that im not seeing?