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i.MX6UL cannot boot from eMMC when LCD is connected

Question asked by nithish a n on Apr 28, 2017
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We have designed a i.MX6UL board based on the EVK. We are facing board not booting from eMMC when LCD is connected. The LCD we are using is the same LCD which comes with the i.MX6UL EVK.


USDHC1 - SD Card


Boot configuration:

LCD Connection:

Case1 : When LCD is connected, board boots from SD Card.

Scope capture BT_CFG1(0) - BT_CFG1(7)

Once the processor is reset and the boot ROM starts to execute the lines are pulled high to low is what we see in the captured scope data. 

Case2 : When LCD is connected, board does not boot from eMMC .

Scope capture BT_CFG1(0) - BT_CFG1(7)

In this case the lines are not being pulled low as in case1 and case3.

Case3 : When LCD is NOT connected, board boots from  eMMC based on boot mode setting.

Scope capture BT_CFG1(0) - BT_CFG1(7)


It is not clear if i.MX6UL reset is complete and ARM core started execution of Boot ROM code and hangs while trying to access eMMC OR i.MX6UL reset does not happen and ARM core did not start execution of Boot ROM Code.


Thank You

Nithish A N