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This topic is intended to offer tips and tricks about using Model-Based Design Toolbox, Matlab Simulink and/or any other tools used for loading and debugging the applications created with MBD Toolboxes.


If you have a piece of advice that you want to share with others this is the place to add it.

Comment below and help others to become proficient with NXP's MBD Toolboxes



Tip #1: How to use Block Priorities

Tip #2: How to use Model Workspace vs Matlab Workspace

Tip #3: How to add custom code

Tip #4: How to show/hide Block Execution Order

Tip #5: How to use S-Function to inject custom code calls anywhere

Tip #6: How to investigate model fails with build_exception.mat

Tip #7: How to measure code execution time

Tip #8: How to create stand-alone callable functions

Tip #9: How to  Write to/Read from any address

Tip #10: About the Timings & Interrupts of standard models

Tip #11: How to tune any controller in real-time

Tip #12: How to keep a single toolbox visible

Tip #13: How to address licensing errors

Tip #14: How to make visible a missing toolbox in Simulink Library

Tip #15: About Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set

Tip #16: How to SIL

Tip #17: How to PIL

Tip #18: How to use custom Linker Command Files

Tip #19: How to generate meaningful names for variables in Code Generation

Tip #20: How to control Symbolics

Tip #21: Multitasking in Simulink

Tip #22: How to migrate a Simulink model

Tip #23: New Perspective for Large and Complex Production Software Development

Tip #24: How to Integrate Custom C-code with existing Simulink Models