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Does HTRC110 support 3v3 voltage level?

Question asked by Shubham Saxena on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Shubham Saxena

we are using HTRC11001T RFID IC in our project. While configuring we faced the issue that the IC( Powered with 5V -VDD & 5V logic as per the datasheet) was not responding. Dout was pulled High internally. When we expect response for our corresponding commands, Dout went low and then it did not retain its original state. We suspect that the chip may have entered power down mode. But while checking the reference board the IC is powered with 3.3V & 3.3V Logic levels. So made that change in the target board and tried. We can get response at the Dout pin.
In datasheet VDD is specified as stablilised 5V input. Reference board design is contractive to this. Can you clarify here what supply voltage we need to give exactly? 5V or 3v3?
What issue we may face with 3.3V if we continue to use it?