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I.MX6 Wifi connection with ESP32 through UART

Question asked by Massimo Pilia on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Bhagavan koppaka

nxp 6 uart wifi esp32 yocto linux


I'm developing a custom embedded Linux (yocto) device with an I.MX6 core processor and 1 GB RAM.

I need an internet connection but due to not enough physical space I can't use a simple wifi dongle via usb port.

So I want to connect an ESP32 through the UART such that the Linux device would see a network interface which would then drive the ESP32 (through UART) and the ESP32 would then use WiFi to connect to an access point.

I didn't choose a different communication protocol, such as spi, because the UART is enough fast for our purpose.


Any suggestion or example about how to drive the ESP32 through the UART?


Thanks in advance

Massimo Pilia