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Alternative method to Trajectory in Position control mode

Question asked by Sergi Gomis on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Sergi Gomis

Hi again.


I try to control the motor position using the actual system of PaP motors.
I have an external clock.  And every input clock, I need to move "x" degrees.

The problem is that when I initiate a trajectory with user variables "user.command.posStepInt_mrev" and "user.command.posStepFrac_mrev" and start the trajectory with "user.command.runTrajectory=1" this flag take much time to reset  for initiate a new movement.


Now, at every while() loop, I read the numbers of externals clock interrupts I received and I convert this number to complete and partial revolutions to update the trajectory.

If I have elevated external clocks, and this result is for examples 3 complete revolutions, the motor make a start/stop every trajectory doing a notable vibration in motor (and current peaks).

I'm working with motor limits of speed and acceleration (speed rate=3000rpm, acceleration/desacceleration=15000rpm, Jerk=200000) and Trapezoidal trajectory.  This is the faster way.


My question is .....
Exist any other method to control the position without using a trajectory method?


Thank you.