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Query on MPC5777C ERM module functionality

Question asked by Sidhartha Chitturi on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by David Tosenovjan


I am trying to test the functionality of MPC5777C EIM(Error Injection Module) and ERM(Error Reporting Module). I have configured to inject errors in the PRAMC_0 and PRAMC_1 channels in the EIM. When I am doing a read access in System RAM at address 0x4000_0000(the memory controlled by PRAMC_0), I would expect that an error be reported in the PRAMC_0 channel in the ERM. However, I am seeing that the error is being reported in the "Core0 data" or "Core1 data" channels(channel numbers: 14,16) in the ERM depending on where my build is loaded and not in the PRAMC_0 channel. On the other hand, when I do a write to the memory, I could see errors being reported in the PRAMC channel in the ERM and nothing reported in "Core data" channels. Could you please explain the reason for this behaviour?