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Audio on hitex 4350 board - i2c configuration fails

Question asked by Hauke Krüger on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza


I have recently received a Hitex lpc4350 board. I downloaded lpcOpen 2.20 for that board first but there is a build

error in the official release (just as a hint for those who upload the package).


Nevertheless, I downloaded lpcOpen 2.09 and could get the libraries lpc_board_hitex_eva_4350 and

lpc_chip_43xx to build. My first intended test was the audio example periph_i2s. This did compile but it

does not run: I debugged the problem down to the location where it arises: whenever I try to set the registers

0x10-0x14 on the UDA1380 ADC via I2C, the read back shows me that the write is not successful.

Registers 0x0-0x4 are written successfully before. For example for register 0x11, a value is returned which is not
even in the range of valid values.


I have received that board from someone who probably has modifed the jumper settings. In order to avoid

jumper mismatch, I reconfigured all jumpers according to the original settings taken from the marketing pictures

on the HiTex webpage.


Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before and may help out?


Thank you and best regards