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Support - logging a request

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by Robert Lewis

I am a bit lost on the support mechanism for the Kinetis SDK am asking for some guidance please. We have a serious problem with the SDK for the TWR-MK60DN and the web generated Xpresso build. The code will not run; it has a hard fault. We can get the same hello world to run using the Freertos site but lack the needed SDK drivers. Therefore I posted on the forum and got one inquiry and no further responses after I supplied the requested information.


With Motorola-->Freescale there used to be a formal service request that could be logged and tracked. I see a support entry at NXP but it only relates to "Web" and I can't see how to specify our problem.


I have not used the SR system since the NXP acquisition and seemed to have missed the required information somewhere along the line. My question is, how do I get a critical issue resolved now? What is the mechanism that I need to do to track a legitimate failure with NXP. We are not getting any assistance through the forums. Is there a formal way to pursue these type of legitimate requests? This is not a coding error nor is it a basic lack of understanding; the code generator NXP is using does not produce a working system.


Any advice would be appreciated.