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LPCXpresso, LPC-Link2  and RESET line

Question asked by Alexander Tolchinsky on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Alexander Tolchinsky

My board has a IC supervisor/Reset-button (for example, MAX6863UK29-T, TPS3838K33DBV) on its RESET line. RESET from LPC-Link2 has duration ~4ms and causes RESET signal from IC supervisor with duration 100..300ms which is further fed to target MCU. LPCXpresso seems not to be aware of this long RESET signal and tries to initialize JTAG-chain/SWD immediately after the end of short RESET – but JTAG-chain/SWD is under the long RESET right at this moment and therefore can't be initialized. Debug target MCU is LPC43xx in case it makes any difference.


How to set a delay between the moment when RESET comes from LPC-Link2 is released and the initialization of JTAG-chain/SWD?
Is it possible to delay initialization of JTAG-chain/SWD until the moment when RESET on the target board won't be released?