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how to use the build target--Release for S32DS for ARM project

Question asked by E.w. Hu Employee on Jan 9, 2017
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there are at least two build target--Debug and Release will be created by default for KEA project in S32DS for ARM (V1.2) , I compared the two different build target and found their compile result have very big difference with different complier configuration:

for Debug target:

for Release target:

Generally, we consider the Debug target for use in SW development period with rich debug information, while Release target for mass product use with no/less debug information.


the "Debugging"-->Debug Level configuration should have nothing to do with the compile result of S19 file and project function implements, only affect the debug feature, but the "Optimization" -->Optimization Level configuration have big influnce on the compile result, which may cause the C functions behaves wrong with code size various.


So  I'd like to know, how should we use/suggest our customer to use these two different build target, are there some detailed documents for S32DS for ARM C compiler Optimization configuration?


Enwei Hu