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LPC1857- Revision changes 'A' vs '-'- Impact on sleep and reset

Question asked by Vivien Wong on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Fall Guy



   I have 2 LPC1857 chips with different device revision:


1. ESD14440- (initial device revision)

2. ESD16030A (second device revision)


   I noticed that there is a different between the 2 device revision whereby when both are put into DeepPowerDown low power mode, the nRESET button would wake the ESD14440-  up but not the ESD16030A.  My workaround now is to use the event router bit 19 to detect low level of RESET_SETEN to wake the chip up (ESD16030A).

   What has changed between the 2 device revisions? Is there an errata to explain the differences between the 2 device revisions?