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Regarding multiplexed function of i.MX6UL

Question asked by Surendra Jadhav on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Yuri Muhin


i.MX6UL has got Booting options where 24 LCD lines are used. At the start up, state of these pins are polled to select the booting device. However out of these, first two pins I have to use for I2C function where I need pull up on these lines. So if I put pull up on these lines, it will lead to disturb the booting mode. However datasheet and pin mapping excel suggest I can use I2C as alternate function also. Let me know how to handle this.


One more query was I am using PMIC PF3000 for powering the i.MX6UL. Can you review my PMIC and processor connection in the attached image?