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DALI librari and LPC1115F/303 incompatible?

Question asked by Gintaras Drukteinis on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Gintaras Drukteinis
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  The NXP DALI stack library is supposed to work with all LPC111x microcontrollers: AN11174 and AN11175: LPC11xx/LPC13xx DALI release 2.0 | , but with LPC1115F/303 it is not working due to unknown reasons. The DALI data is received and decoded correctly, but I get no reaction to any command. The PWM timer is also not initialised to wok correctly, the wrong initial values comes from library, which I cannot check or modify. Hardware is used sligtly different than in original DALI demo, outputs/ inputs are changed.

Could you update the library or confirm that is 100% compatible with LPC1115F/303?

Does anyone have succesfuly launched DALI project with LPC1115F/303?

Could you consider the release the source code of that library?