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Dali Slave LPC1114 does not react on broadcast commands

Question asked by Jens Klöker on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Jens Klöker

Hello together,

I made a design for a Dali slave like described in AN11174. Behause I'm not using an external oscillator I set the Variable "MAIN_CLKSRCSEL_Val" in the file "system_LPC11xx.c" to "0x00000000" for using the internal RC oscillator. After flashing the software and after reset the heartbeat led is blinking in a 1s interval - so far so good. As Dali Master which works well with other Dali devices (slaves) I use a Siemens Dali KNX Gateway. When the Dali Master sends out a search broadcast the signal at the dali in pin of the microcontroller looks fine (oscilloscope). But I don't get out a response at the dali out pin. Furthermore the heartbeat led continues blinking in 1s interval without blinking randomly inbetween. I tried to debug the issue, but I don't find the Dali command handler in the source files. The first step I would do is having a look in the command handler and find out, why the broadcast commands doesn't lead to some action. Does anybody know how I could get a deeper look inside the command handler? What could I else do, to get my slave responding?
Best regards!