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Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6QP boards @ Sabre AI

Question asked by Erik Raynolds on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Victor Linnik



I'm trying to follow Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards and build Ubuntu rootfs.


I need to have configuration for i.MX6QP with Sabre AI board.

$ export board=sabreauto

$ export target=mx6qp

$ cd ~/  $ wget –c  $ tar -xf uboot-imx-rel_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga.tar.gz 

$ cd uboot-imx-rel_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga 

$ make $targetboard_config    # e.g. mx6qsabresd_config 

$ make 


I am getting errors:


root@Latitude:~/uboot-imx-rel_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga$ make $targetboard_config
  HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o
  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/
  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.lex.c
  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.hash.c
  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/
  HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/conf
scripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig
*** Configuration file ".config" not found!
*** Please run some configurator (e.g. "make oldconfig" or
*** "make menuconfig" or "make xconfig").
make[2]: *** [silentoldconfig] Error 1
make[1]: *** [silentoldconfig] Error 2
make: *** No rule to make target `include/config/auto.conf', needed by `include/config/uboot.release'.  Stop.


Any idea how to fix ? How to update a processes Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards for i.MX6QP with Sabre AI board?