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How to connect into PNEV5180B V2.0 via PN5180 NFC Cockpit?

Question asked by Lukas Hejkal on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Damien BOSCA


I try to work with PNEV5180B ev. Board and I’m not able to connect with it. In cockpit tool there is status: Board not connected and I’m not able to change this status. I work under Windows 10, the HW is directly connected into USB, I’m able to change the firmware inside the controller (USB connection works), but it doesn’t communicate with the Cockpit.

I think there is problem with USB driver (installation is noted in AN11744 on page 14). When I tried to install it manually, it returned fault that the driver is not digitally signed and Windows refuses to install it. I tried to find another driver, but I didn’t find anything usable.

How I can run this EV board with Cockpit tool?