Migraton from IAR project to LPCXpresso IDE

Discussion created by zigamahne on Oct 17, 2016
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I have problem to migrate IAR IDE project to LPCxpresso IDE. uC is lpc1313.


I have project in IAR ide(iar compailer) with iar's bit fields register description. Because of certain reasons I need to use GCC compailer, so  I have decided to use LPXxpresso ide. I downloaded plugin IAR Embedded Workbench for Eclipse, and successfuly import IAR project into LPXxpresso(link), and also compailed without errors( using IAR compailer).


But now a have a problem when I change toolchain (properties->c/c++ build->tool chain editor). I get a lot of diferent errors:

..(just of few)

-'__iar_Dtest' undeclared (first use in this function)   

- #error "<yvals.h>  compiled with wrong (version of IAR) compiler"  

- #error "File intrinsics.h can only be used together with iccarm."  


So my guestion is: it is possible to migrate with this way, or is maybe some better way to do it? (but I need iar's bit fields register description, because a lot of peripheral librarys is writen in this way).


Please, if someone knows where is the problem and can help me, I thanks a lot.