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MPC5602D Data flash issue

Question asked by Dinesh Rode on Oct 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa



I am using on-chip data flash (first 16kB sector) to store some NV data.

I observed, some times flash data is getting corrupted automatically and processor control is not coming out of ReadMemory function (It goes in some infinite loop). I tried to debug the code, I observed that in data corrupt situation, some memory location shows data '????????' and some location shows 'FFFFFFFF' data as shown in attached file. I would like to know when memory location shown '????????' data? What is the reason for this and how to avoid this?

In data corrupt situation, I tried to erase the sector uing flash programming tool and it starts working correctly (I could able to read and write data again)


Please let me know all details related to this issue and solution to avoid this.


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Rode