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SWD configuration both devices not shown

Question asked by etienneschaeffer on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by LPCX presso support



I would like to run the multicore_binky example, but after debuging "multicore_m4master_blinky", I cannot debug "multicore_m0slave_blinky" in the same time. It says that "0 available SWD Devices detected." in SWD Configuration.


Actually, I could never choose between Cortex-M4 or Cortex-M0 in any project in the popup "SWD Configuration". It's like I had only one. So when I debug m4master, I don't see popup "SWD Configuration" and it works, then when I debug m0slave, I can see popup "SWD Configuration" but with no devices.


I'm using LPCXpresso v8.2.2 [Build 650] with a OM13077.

And enulator is :

Name = LPC-Link-II CMSIS-DAP, Serial number = A000000001, Type = LinkServer


Thanks for your help.