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I.MX7 PCIe phy link never came up

Question asked by Ryan Schaefer on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by Glen Fine

I am having issues with PCIe on a Rev D I.MX7 dual sabresd development board. I am trying to use a pcie NIC, but can't get PCIe to work (with or without the card inserted). During boot I see the following:


imx6q-pcie 33800000.pcie: phy link never came up

imx6q-pcie 33800000.pcie: failed to initialize host

imx6q-pcie: probe of 33800000.pcie failed with error -22


I have enabled PCI in the Linux configuration (it isn't enabled by default).


I am using Linux built from source from git://, revision 77f61547834c4f127b44b13e43c59133a35880dc. I’m using the imx7d-sdb.dtb. I’ve attached my .config as well.



Has anyone seen this issue before? Can someone attempt to recreate the issue I'm seeing to rule out hardware issues? Thank you for your help in advanced



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