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KE06Z CAN_LDD filter

Question asked by Tommaso Bergero on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Tommaso Bergero

Hi to everyone,

I am trying to configure individual acceptance mask filter on a  FRDM-KE06Z dev-board.


Until now I accepted every frame and checked later if the frame was correct and everything was working properly. Now with multiple nodes in my system

I am using a Standard ID and I set the Individual acceptance mask to 0xFFFFFFC0 as I need only the last 6 bits to be compared (by default the mask is 0xFFFFFFFF that means all IDs can be valid).

The ID Filter Table is set to 0x00000029, the global mask cannot be enabled.

In this configuration I sent 0x28 and 0x29 as IDs, but both IDs were received.


I tried using the SetAcceptanceMaskTable and SetRxIDFilterTable methods and also tried with the 0xFF03FFFF mask (bits 29 to 18).


Can anyone post me where to find the correct bit configuration (assuming that I'm clearing the wrong bits in the acceptance mask)?


Thanks in advance.