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iMX6 sabre lite always in download mode

Question asked by 超超 徐 on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by 超超 徐

I downloaded the latest uboot(v2015.07)and built it with the configuration (make nitrogen6q_defconfig) ,then I flash it in the windows 7with mfgtools, when I connect the sabre lite Board to my PC I saw the device being recognized as HID-compliant device, I press Start button and saw loading uboot, loading kernel ..., then It appeared "jumping to OS image", It shows No device connected after several seconds, I checked the ucl2.xml and modified the pid and vid as below:

<STATE name="Updater"   dev="MSC" vid="0525" pid="A4A5"/>,I found the device was recognized as Mass Storage Device in Windows Devices Manager after mfgtool show "jumping to OS image", so I changed the vid and pid of "Updater" to the pid and vid of the Mass storage Device. I pressed the SW4(hareware reset button in the board), Mfgtools shows Done after about 30 seconds. Then I reset the SW1 to D1=OFF, D2=OFF and power off power on the board, there is nothing appear in the serial port. The board is still in the state of download mode. Below is my config files(ucl2.xml and dfg.ini).

By the way, after flash the uboot, the serial port shows the information of uboot only one time, there is nothing appear when I reboot the board(By press SW4 reset button). No debug message and the board is in download mode.

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