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T2080 Virtualization Support

Question asked by Siddalingaprasad Kori on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Siddalingaprasad Kori

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I am pretty new to Linux, but we want to use T2080/2081 (e6500 core) in our custom board and we would like to run Linux as Host OS and VxWorks 5.4 as guest OS. VxWorks5.4 is 32 bit and is built for e500 core as we previously had MPC85xx (e500 core) based board. So my question is on the core/processor emulation. Should the Guest OS processor/core be emulated using QEMU for e500? If this is true, then all the VM instructions will trap into Host OS and there will be a huge performance penalty. Does KVM provide other means which it can exploit the T2081 hardware features so that we can overcome the bottleneck of processor/core emulation? Something like a pass-through from Guest to Physical core?


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