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OpenCL with yocto build on IMX-6QUAD

Question asked by Alban Deruaz on Jun 17, 2016
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I've been trying to use opencl on my IMX6-QUAD with yocto Fido R3.

I am building the fsl-image-qt5-minimal on which I have added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "imx-gpu-viv" in conf/local.conf.

I can build the opencl "hello world" posted here on the host, but when I execute the application in the IMX, it complains that libraries that should have been populated in the rootfs by the imx-gpu-viv recipe are missing (such as

If I manually add these libraries in /usr/lib on the IMX (which are created when making the image, but not stored in my rootfs), the sample application crashes stating there are no valid opencl platforms on this system.

Doing a "modprobe galcore" does not change anything (how can I check if it even loads?)


I suspect the imx-gpu-viv package does not install correctly, but I don't know why, no errors are reported during the bit-baking of the fsl-image-qt5-minimal image.


Vivante GPU is enabled in the kernel.


When running /unit_tests/ on the IMX, the script complains that /opt/viv_samples is missing (this folder should have been added by the imx-gpu-viv recipe)


Thank you for your help!