LPC1114 without external crystal

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Hello, I am new to the forums, so if the is an FAQ, please forgive me

I have a target board based on the LPCXpresso 1114 board. My target board has no crystal, because I was assured that it run without it using the PLL to drive the system clock, up to at least 48 Mhz, and hopefully 50. The standard examples which I believe are suppose to activate the PLL have on this line:
  while (!(LPC_SYSCON->SYSPLLSTAT & 0x01));          /* Wait Until PLL Locked    */

This is in the library SystemInit() function. My board makes it to this line and hangs. The obvious reason is that the PLL never acquires a lock. I have not made any changes to the initialization code.

I fear that I have missed something, like an external resistor that the LPCXpresso  board with the crystal doesn't need, or the standard examples  needs something more.

Thanks for reading my post.