Managed linker scripts not generated

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by safarmer on Mon Nov 24 00:36:11 MST 2014

When I try to build my project, I get an error about linker scripts not being found:
  ld: cannot open linker script file project_Debug.ld: No such file or directory

I started seeing this with 7.4.0 when I disabled linker script generation to test a hand tweaked script, and now no matter what I do I cannot get the scripts generated again. I have re-selected Manage Linker Scripts in the linker settings. I see the .o files and the .map file in the output folder but no linker scripts any more. I have even tried checking out a copy of the .cproject file from when I could build with no success.

Does anyone know how I can get the linker scripts to generate again?