SPIFI boot issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by david_sh on Tue Nov 27 18:55:42 MST 2012
Hi, I have an issue about SPIFI boot.

our board spec:
MCU: LPC4350
SPI-FALSH: Micron N25Q128A13EF740E
BootSRC: 0x2(  OTP memory bank 3, word 0, means SPIFI booting)

I  can download the code to SPI-flash via JTAG in IAR EWARM environment, and the code can run well, but the board can't
boot without JTAG.  if I change the SPI-FLASH as Spansion S25FL064P used in Hitex LPC4350 EVB, the board boots well,
would you like to check whether BOOT_ROM can support N25Q128A13EF740E? if not, would you please to give the list which
LPC4350 BOOT_ROM can support SPI-FLASH? Thanks a lot.