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How to export Code Warrior Project into another machine?

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Jun 3, 2016
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I have TWRK60F120MUM tower board. I try try to find an easy way to transfer my Code Warrior Project (V10.6.4) with MQX4.2 into my test machine. So I build the same project, run, and debug in the test machine in test room. I tried all export options, and still not be able to build the project in the test machine:

Projects to be exported ( 5 projects):


What I want is:

  1. Export all five projects: bsp_MaxSeries, ..., and my Application Project MaxSeries into another machine.
  2. I have installed CodeWarrior v 10.6.4 and MQX_4_2 in to the test machine with the same folder structure as my development PC.
  3. The bsp_MaxSeries is a cloned version
  4. The bsp_MaxSeries contained PE generated code
  5. The bsp_MaxSeries PE generated code has customized code (disabled re-generated code for some PE components).
  6. I used Export | File System option to export all five projects into a folder
  7. I have trouble to import the exported File Systems into test machine, then I have to manually copy each component into the right folder with the same folder structure as the development PC.
  8. Then I imported all 5 project by dragging bsp_MaxSeries.wsd, etc. into a new porject. But they cannot compile.
  9. I cloned K60 into the same MaxSeries bsp. Then copy the exported file system into the cloned folder structure. They still failed to compile.


Please give me some instructions or some notes that to export projects with bsp and other components into another PC.

Thank you,

David Zhou