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HCS08 Unleashed

Discussion created by Fabio Pereira on Mar 6, 2008
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Hello folks!

My book is finally ready and I would like to share the news with you. The final title is: "HCS08 Unleashed: Designer's Guide to the HCS08 Microcontrollers".

It is a mix of a reference book and a hands-on course. Through the 412 pages, many interesting topics are covered, such as: the HCS08 CPU architecture, programmer's model, peripherals,etc.

The first chapters cover the basics of the architecture, the Codewarrior tool and a quick C review (yes, the book is focused on C development).

There are over 70 examples and listings (including some small applications in the last chapter). I hope you like it. The table of contents and the example files can be downloaded at: www.sctec.com.br/hcs08 .

I hope the book is available for purchase in about two weeks (some issues were detected in the proof copy and I had to start the publishing process from the beginning) through Booksurge ( www.booksurge.com ) and later through Amazon ( www.amazon.com ). As soon as the book is available, I'll let you know (and I would love to hear any comments!).

Best regards,