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Issue with running httpd server on imx28

Question asked by Bhavesh Patel on May 12, 2016



I am using imx28 EVK board and trying to run small httpd server with some webpages (.html) to be accessed.

I have added 'httpd (apache server)', 'openssl' and 'mysql' using LTIB and uploaded same on the board. IP address allocation is via DHCP at run time (no static IP). 'php' package is not allowing to build LTIB.

Before I run command '/usr/sbin/httpd &' on browser it is not showing any page as accepted. (Unable to Connect on Browser)

After I run command, httpd server is started and than I hit browser again but it is showing as 404 Not found.

Ping is working from both Board and from Host PC. I also tried with running socket examples and it is working.

I have not made any changes in any of file. What are extra settings to be done to get the web pages.

Attaching httpd.conf