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LS1021a CSF format: entry point

Question asked by Vincent Siles on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Vincent Siles

Hi, I'm trying to achieve secure boot on a ls1021atwr board. Right now I'm using the sdcard_ifc u-boot target.

My current RCW are set to non secure boot, and PBI commands copy u-boot's SPL on the OCRAM at address 0x10000000.


(Please, correct me if I'm wrong). If I enable RCW.SB_EN, the PBL will read SCRATCHR1 address, and read a word to see if this is a valid CSF header. If this is the case, it will proceed to secure boot checking. So I guess I need to prepend my CSF header to u-boot's SPL so that my PBI correctly copies CSF+SPL into OCRAM at address 0x10000000. Therefore, SPL is now at address 0x10000a00 and I should patch that in include/configs/ls1021atwr.h


My question is the following: in the CSF script, should I set ENTRY_POINT to 0x10000000 and the PBL will jump to 0x10000000 + size of CSF on its own, or do I have to set ENTRY_POINT to 0x1000a00 ?