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In need for a Jlink bootloader MK20DX128VFM5 project for the FRDM-K82F board

Question asked by Ben McCormick on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Ben McCormick
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Just got the FRDM-K82F board Saturday. When following the video instructions on "How to get started"  found at, when following the step, of pressing the reset button and plugging in the board. The bootloader directory shows up in the File Explorer, as it should. But when I moved the

"Jlink_OpenSDA_V2_1_2015-10-13.bin" file to the bootloader directory in the explorer window, the PC gave me an error message box saying that the file can not be found.

Now the FRDM board is not recognized when I plug in the USB cable with the reset button down or up. I'm guessing the bootloader is broke.


I can load new projects into the board using the MK82FN256VLL15 10 processor via its 10pin-JTAG connector.

I also can load new projects for the MK20DX128VFM5 processors via its 10pin Jtag connector. (The SDA USB bootloader chip).


If anyone has an SDA Jlink elf file, then I can reprogram the MK20DX128VFM5 through the JTAG connector.


I have no knowledge of how to program a bin file using the Segger hardware debugger. I tried to do it in the debugger source tab, but no joy.